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Woodstab Bog Oak #c134
Woodstab Bog Oak #c134
Average Size: 125 mm x 41 mm x 24 mm  
Awerage Weight: 142 gram
Average Density *1.15 g/cm3

Each block is uniqe with its own pattern. Woodstab bog oak is 7000 years old Danish bog oak preserved with epoxy. What you see is what you get.

29.50€   pc, excl. VAT, and shipping *

WoodStab Bog Oak wood comes from oak logs that have layed airtight under sand or mud in bogs for 7000 years. The bog oak wasfound in 1960 by Harald Christensen in a litle bog near his farm in Dørken, Denmark. The trunk was 15 m (50 foot) long and 70 cm ( 28 inches) in diameter.

Some material was delivered to the Danish National Museum. They measured the age of the oak by C-14 measurements and annual rings. It was found that the oak was 380 years old when it died 7000 years ago. Now a part of this oak is preserved with epoxy as WoodStab Bog Oak.

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