Techstab Glacial 3D #d31
Techstab Glacial 3D #d31
Size: 121 mm x 41 mm x 26 mm  
Weight: 159 gram
Density *1.23 g/cm3

Each block is uniqe with its own pattern. They have the typical TechStab Glacial 3D pattern,  looks like Ice with 3D effect. What you see is what you get.

45.00€   excl. VAT, and shipping *

TechStab is a handmade modern composite material composed of silvery aluminum foil and epoxy with a visual 3D effect.TechStab absorbs no water, does not warp. It is therefore suitable for all areas where the material should not expand and contract.

TechStab is easy to process with all cutting and abrasive tools. It is delivered with silkmat surface(grit 220)and can be polished to high gloss. TechStab is used for handmade knives,guns, jewelry and pens.

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