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Kirstin 110 Color
Kirstin 110 Color

Main function: To cut meat, vegetables and bread
Knife: 220x28x22 mm 106 g Handle: Woodstab Classic
Blade: 110x26x2 mm angle: 25° Steel: RWL34 HRC 60

Handmade knife by Lars Tougaard with a polished blade and durable handle. Blade color is emerged naturally during the hardening in my workshop. The color holds for many years of use. The tough quality steel rarely needs sharpening.

200.00€   pc, excl. VAT, and shipping *

The stainless blade (RWL34) is hardenet at 1050 degree C and tempered at 200°C.

RWL 34 is a Rapid Solified Powder (RSP) Martensitic Stainless Steel, which is a variation of the 420 martensitic steel family with 13 percent chromium with the addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium for improved corrosion resistancee, hardness and strength.


The handle is made of a commonly sustainable wood, Swedish Whitebeam (sorbus intermedia).

The wood is preserved with a modern polymer. It gives a knife handle with both a deep glow and a significant resistance to moisture and abrasion. This material will provide many years of daily use.

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