How to shape TechStab and WoodStab

TechStab and Woodstab can generally be processed with the same tools used for wood, plastics and soft metals.

Machining of TechStab and Woodstab is virtually odorless.

TechStab and Woodstab can effectively be treated as heat-stable materials.They do not become soft during processing.

Techstab is composed of thermostable easily workable epoxy and aluminum foil. In order to avoid that the foil is peeled off, it is important that the cutting tool is sharp.

The materials can be processed both with metal saws and high speed saws for wood. Neither Techstab and Woodstab tend to dull the blade.

Techstab and Woodstab is easy to work with the cutter and CNC equipment.

Selection of angles and the drilling speed is not critical.

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